Maisa Dabus

#thursplay July 12

So, what about #thursplay?

If you're a regular on Twitter you might have noticed by now all about the hashtags and hopefully, if you're a fan of Spotify you've also heard about #thursplay. Never? Ok, I won't take it personal! One of the coolest features of Spotify, in my opinion, is that you get to share playlists. Thinking of that, I came up with the idea of creating a hashtag so people on Twitter could exchange their playlists every Thursday.

Makes sense? I guess if you never used Spotify or you're still not familiar with the hashtags on Twitter, not that much. But, why not giving it a try?

You can start by checking #thursplay out on:





Important fact: @jockr is also a big part of this project as the developer and restless motivator! Also, Rodoula, who is a great webdesigner (not just because she's the one who designed this website, entirely) coming up with #thursplay logo. If you're looking for interesting and talented people, you should definitely check them out!

Like music? Participate! Every Thursday sharing your Spotify playlist on Twitter using the hashtag #thursplay

See you there!