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[Things I do:]


Music is my absolute number 1 passion in life. Having a lack of music talent to make music myself, I went on to be involved with music all other possible ways.

Among them, I curate a weekly playlist called This Week, These Beats, where I select 15 songs (usually just released) to be discovered. I update the playlist every Thursday during #thursplay.

Right, which brings me to #thursplay, of course! This is a personal music project I started in 2009 with the simple goal of people exchanging playlists on Twitter every thursday by using the hashtag #thursplay along with their playlists.

Lately, I keep thursplay on as a music blog, although I still share my updated playlist on Twitter every thursday - in case you wanna do that as well, please, join in!

Between 2011 and 2013, I had a collaboration with Spotify where I’d compile a monthly playlist with 15 songs and a blog post, which they’d then share on their Spotify Blog. I also did that as #thursplay and I continue making a monthly playlist which I share on

I’ve also worked with a couple of music start-ups here in Malmö, Sweden. Most notably, Tunaspot and Emues. Tunaspot went on to become an app inside Spotify and Emues has the bold concept of being a crowd funding for live music, which I really think is needed in the music industry.

With Emues, I arranged 21 concerts with local musicians in Malmö over a period of 6 months. It was great fun and it led to many of the other cool collaborations that followed.

Which brings me to another fun way I’ve been involved with Music: as a lyricist. Truth being that I basically just write a lot of texts and poems, but as it turns out, sometimes my musician friends seem to really enjoy what I write and are able to relate to it, turning selected ones into beautiful songs. Here you can listen to 3 of them:, and

I still, sometimes, book some bands to events that I’m either organizing or helping organize.

Because of all that, I’m always interested in discovering new bands, so if you are one or want to tip me on one, please, do so! You can drop songs suggestions on my Spotify inbox or just ping me on Twitter. Thank you!


My background has always been a mix of Tech and Marketing and after I moved to Sweden - and have spent a lot of years within the Startup community - my role finally matured into something that makes sense: I organize events (or facilitate for them to happen).

It makes sense because, when I really think about it, I feel great joy in bringing people together for a common interest, making sure they have a great experience and get to either meet new people or learn new things, getting inspired, etc.

Ever since I’ve officially started organizing events at Minc, I’ve focused in making all sorts of events possible: from the first ever Music Hackathon to take place in Malmö with 100+ developers to bringing international speakers to do a Minc/Talk, to morning Seminars, gatherings and most recently, the first ever Wearable Tech Hackathon.

Working with events is fun, yes. It’s also a lot of work. Any event manager can relate to what I’m about to say: from the very idea of an event, to the beginning of planning, connecting all the dots, bringing the right people together, organizing the format, promoting to right people, to the always exhausting execution: it’s an A to Z kind of job and you can't skip or forget any steps. And if you’ve mastered the art of being available, during the event, to talk enough with every attendee while still running around to make sure that every single detail is being taken care of, you’re my hero! Please, tell me how! =]

When I think about it, this is what I was doing most of my time when I was kid, teenager and in my adult life: I was always making sure my group of friends would meet, organizing dates, place and schedule of activities for us to do. I’ve always been the “connector”. There are still many of my friends in Brasil who will only see each other once I’m in town.

Again, it makes sense.

So, if you’re a speaker or if you’d like to suggest events for me to organize or need help organizing your event, give me a shout! We might be able to make things happen together ;]

[Things I care about:]

I care about people. I care about humans preserving their humanity throughout the advances of technology, which I’m also very very interested in. I care about empathy, people feeling included in society, equality - so obviously, feminism - and mostly, I really care about people not feeling lonely. Inevitably, it’s bound to happen, but in the very core, I would prefer that each one of us could feel connected to each other in a real, meaningful way, to make our journeys easier and life a lot more pleasant. I think about many ways in which this is possible. One of my favourites is through art: books, movies, music, photography, etc. I really see the value in recognizing our feelings in any sort of art, there’s just something about that which instantly bring us together and projects a sort of relief inside us. But a very overrated way to make sure we’re not going around careless of other people’s struggles, in my opinion, is simply being KIND. I believe in being kind to one another. It really goes a long way.

I care about technology. Geek alert: I’m curious about what comes next, where we’re headed and how we can make things better for us and our future generation by taking advantage of technology. I’m excited and understand that it’s a great time to wonder about the future! I’m also concerned because I see a misuse of its possibilities. I explain: ideally, for me, technology would makes us even more humans, even more connected to one another, with even more empathy, granting us even more time to enjoy the real things in life, etc. What I notice, more often than not, is that we’re becoming more and more automated humans whereas we’re compulsively obsessed into turning machines more human. Eh, excuse me..? It feels a little bit of an inversion of roles to me, so yes, that is a concern.

Obviously I’m interested in what could happen once we’re able to simulate a human brain on a super computer. I’m also fascinating about the singularity theory and transhumanism. Experiments within genetics. Neuroscience. I have endless questions, endless curiosity on this matter. It would be great to talk more about it, if you’re also interested. Mainly, I want to rest with an answer to the following question:

“How can we embrace the advance of technology without becoming automated humans?”

[Things I wanna do:]

I love exploring our universe. I travel a lot and that’s one way I’ve been doing that. But one of my dreams is to go to space. Trips to space are still a wee bit out of my budget, but I’m guessing soon enough it’ll be a bargain. Until then, if anyone out there can connect me to Sir Richard Branson for a possible extra spot on one of his Virgin Galactica space trips, I appreciate it!

I write a lot. Always have, it’s my outlet. One of my (many) writing idols is Lena Dunham. Say what you will, I love her writing style (for screen) and I’d love to co-write anything with her: a small little argument between two characters in GIRLS; A romantic love scene in one of her upcoming movies; just really anything. Lena, if you’re reading this, let’s make it happen! =]

I’d like to win an Oscar for best screenplay. Yes, you read that right. ;]

I’d like to be sponsored to attend the main Music Festivals in the world for 1 year. Send me to festivals in completely different parts of the planet, I’ll report from there, blog, do the whole thing. As long as I get to go around the world to listen to great music at great music festivals. Red Bull, interested? Let’s talk ;]

I wanna explore my artistic side, which is pretty much inexistent right now. I love transmedia and I’m very interested in the crossing of different types of mediums and what can happen with that mix. My medium is writing and I have tons of ideas, so let’s experiment!

[Things I wanna say:]

Cheesy alert: Love is the most wonderful thing. We need a lot more love in the world. Please, please and please one more time: love in action! Words are nice, but make sure you act your love towards the people you love: show it, make sure it’s expressed clearly in every possible way, allow it to grow outside of yourself and touch other people’s lives, for real. Intentions are too abstract and nobody should go one day in this life without feeling loved. Share your love, with actions! Do it! Do it now and do it often!

Stand up, speak up and make a difference. Have the guts to interfere when you’re faced with injustice around you and believe that your voice counts, because it does!

Be kind and go listen to some awesome music!

/Maisa =]

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