Maisa Dabus

    Love, You're Doing it Wrong September 10



    it translates (from Portuguese or Spanish) to: MORE LOVE PLEASE

    Call me a hippie, I don't care, what I do care is that I keep seeing the world manifesting hatred towards all kinds of people simply because these "people" are defined as something they can't relate to or most of the times, accept, when those definitions are put upon them, in a meaningless attempt to create a useless form of segregation.

    One would think that giving our history and the previous outrageous acts of brutality against each other have given us a new level of understanding of co-existing and acceptance of individuals as we are. Apparently, there's a whole new generation, unfortunately of a youth that seemed to have missed the whole movement of achieving greater equality and stopping discrimination against race, sexual orientation, gender, and general social lifestyles and believes.

    It certainly gets me wondering: WHY?

    Why would we go backwards...? Why would love for another human being be so disturbing? Why would women be perceived as "something" instead of "someone"? Why would anyone really believe that we are so different, so apart from each other, after all?

    It feels to me that there's a layer of disconnection among us and it's growing. A lack of empathy so great that can only generate a dangerous distance between each other, suddenly validating acts of violence as if they could be in any way justified. They can't. They won't!

    I've left my country behind, everything that has ever been of reference to me and familiar because I couldn't stand behind a nation dictated by the church and patriarchy. Mostly, I left it behind because I couldn't and wouldn't conform to such standards, but when I realized that so many could and would, I couldn't be one more adding up to that choice and living a life with blinded eyes.

    Ideally, we won't have to move away. Ideally, we can raise our voices together and make a stand against anyone who will threaten an equal lifestyle which I believe we all deserve. Ideally, these are single acts that can be stopped now, before they become organized and coordinated.

    I have fought for my freedom to be who I am, free of any definition, because as Oscar Wilde would wisely state "To define is to limit" and I will continue on fighting for the freedom of anyone to be who they are, free of judgement and discrimination. I feel angry and sad and it's important that I do because it shows that I care. I care tremendously about humans feeling included and connected to each other. I care about people not feeling lonely in their struggles nor isolated in the world. I care about love, as overrated as it might sound, I believe we have to love a lot more. We need to love a lot more.

    So in an attempt to express my disgust towards the results of the EU elections, or a manifest by a 22 year old guy who hated women and so many others I've been faced with, lately, I ask of you: MAIS AMOR POR FAVOR. More love please.

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