Maisa Dabus

    30 things I’ve learned in the last 30 years (mostly in the last 15, really): September 3

    1) Dream Big - most of the time what others judge to be impossible is just their lack of imagination

    2) Dare to be yourself, as weird, crazy or innapropriate that might be: it pays off

    3) Believe in yourself - and be surrounded by people who´ll remind you to believe in yourself whenever you doubt it

    4) Einstein said it best: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - So change and embrace change. It will happen one way or another, so be adaptable

    5) Let go. Save your energy for the important things in your life and forget about the rest. Choose your battles.

    6) Nurture real friends at all times. Let go of the people who don´t make an effort to be in your life and to treat you the best

    7) Dance! Alone, out, with music, without.

    8) Be active: do a favor to your 30 year old self and deliver your body in good condition by the time you reach 30. It sounds cliche, but it gets harder and harder to stay fit if you don´t keep an active routine - and your body will be very thankful to you.

    9) Speak your mind. Then, allow others to do the same. Listen and be open minded.

    10) Life isn´t fair, so get over it already. And do yourself a favor and get over yourself as well.

    11) Focus in what you can do rather than what you can´t do. It´s the only way to keep moving forward.

    12) Laugh - out of control, crying, hurting your cheeks - kind of laughter. As often as possible!

    13) Try new things: something about our memory slowing our perception of time when we try things for the first time, besides, it´s fun!

    14) Travel the world, get to know different places and different cultures. Be curious and keep on learning

    15) Spend enough time with kids and with eldery. They both have A LOT to teach you and they'll heal you instantly

    16) Enjoy beautiful sunsets

    17) Be a fool in love: send flowers randomly, declare yourself, serenate: create an unforgettable moment to the one you love

    18) Tell others how you really feel about them now. Don´t wait.

    19) Whenever you can, make someone else´s day.

    20) Be real. Skip the bullshit, it saves everybody time

    21) Don´t forget where you came from. Ever.

    22) Take risks, take action and learn from your mistakes.

    23) Value yourself and set your standard: you´ll teach people how to treat you through life, so know what you´re worth and don´t settle for less.

    24) Ask for help when you need it.

    25) Surround yourself with positive people.

    26) Read books, watch movies, go to exhibitions, go to concerts: art/culture will make you feel alive!

    27) Be kind. To others and to yourself.

    28) Don´t take everything so serious. So, sometimes, replace "Why?" for "Why not?" and you catch yourself hesitating, ask yourself: "So what?" =]

    29) Follow you heart! Listen to it, respect it and let it guide you through life

    30) Face your fears: that´s the only way to truly set yourself free.

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